Laser technology, reimagined

O-Pel is a surgical laser device, but like you’ve never seen before. We’ve invented an entirely new approach to laser surgery – Pressure Induced Tissue Resection (PITR).  Where conventional laser systems fall short, PITR meets the mark, precisely.

We’ve looked outside the box, to create what’s inside the box

Small on energy and big on power, the O-Pel desktop console was designed with portability in mind.

O-Pel Laser Console

Dual-mode Footplate

Surgery-specific Probe

Easy-to-use Touchscreen Control Panel

Low-cost Single-use Delivery Device

A light touch, a world of difference

O-Pel enhances surgeon capabilities beyond the possibilities of traditional technology. The O-Pel PITR technology sends a rapid light pulse to target the water molecules in tissue, superheating it for complete vaporization. All heat energy is removed with the ejected tissue.

Conventional energy technology results in heat being dispersed into the surrounding tissue, creating collateral damage. O-Pel PITR technology means no char, no thermal injury and vital structures such as blood vessels and nerves are preserved.

with finesse

O-Pel provides the gold standard hand control of a scalpel without setbacks. Char-free and precise, within a 100-micron range, O-Pel spares vital structures such as nerves and blood vessels, drastically reducing the risk of adverse effects.

Selective, to a T

Specify the type of tissue to be cut and PITR technology will deliver a pulse so precise that surrounding tissue is left intact, cutting only what’s needed and preserving everything else.

clear vision

See more than ever before with O-Pel PITR technology. O-Pel provides a clear view of surgery where alternatives fall short, creating a virtually bloodless field and eliminating smoke plume.

Anytime, anywhere

O-Pel pushes the boundaries on laser accessibility. Its small and portable design lends itself to a variety of applications — hospitals, day surgeries, offices. Wherever a superior laser solution is needed, O-Pel is there.

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