Spearheading laser
medical technology

We’re Precise Light Surgical — a symphony of technology, patient and doctor — bringing these pillars together to create surgical outcomes that are revolutionary.

Shining light into the future

Precise Light Surgical was founded by Gerald Mitchell and Ken Arnold in 2008. Fuelled by the belief that there could be a better way for surgical laser technology, the pair searched for a solution to revolutionise the field of medical laser equipment.

Challenging the long-held legacy that greater efficiency could only be achieved through more power, they set out to do just the opposite and succeeded.

Precise Light Surgical’s patented O-Pel laser is a low energy solution, safer for surgeons to use on patients and a more efficient way of cutting tissue than alternatives.

We’ve pioneered an advancement in the medical laser field, improving patient outcomes and signalling the dawn of a new era for medical laser technology.

Cutting edge technology

We have achieved select regulatory approval for over 80 different surgical applications for the O-Pel, realising our vision to provide better patient outcomes at more affordable costs for the healthcare industry.

Precise Light Surgical has developed an entirely new method of removing tissue, termed Pressure Induced Tissue Resection (PITR). The O-Pel patented Flash Vaporisation mechanism protects vital structures from thermal and mechanical injury.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with an international head office established in Queensland, we are independent and agile. Nimble and innovative, we exist to challenge the status quo, providing a bright future for medical advancement.


With over 55 years of combined experience, our founders have played a major role in the advancement of medical laser technology.

Ken Arnold


Gerald Mitchell


Leadership Team

Our leadership team are a group of highly skilled experts across laser medical technology, laser physics, software development, product development, finance and regulatory specialisations.

Richard Nash


Dr James Scott

Commercial Lead

Jonathan Whitehouse


Dr Dave Kielpinski

Optical Physicist and Scientific Officer

Annette Schaps

Global Regulatory

Derek Richard

Lead Laser Engineer

Nghi Phan

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Dr Paul Cornelius

Lead Software/Firmware Engineer

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors guide Precise Light Surgical with their expertise in venture capital, medical technology, marketing, strategy, operations and management.

Richard Nash

Dr Marc Russo

Dr Willem Volschenk

John Scull

John Friedman

Peter Hadrovic

John Guo