Light years ahead

Meet O-Pel (Optical Scalpel), the new light-wave in surgical laser technology

The future of laser resection is here

Every great invention begins with challenging what’s possible. The O-Pel is a game changer for surgical resection.

Low cost but high reward, its patented novel approach to laser technology preserves critical anatomy, whilst reducing surgical risk and improving patient outcomes.

Redefining surgery, improving outcomes

O-Pel harnesses the power of pressure induced light waves to selectively target tissue, whilst leaving surrounding anatomy intact. With sub-millimeter precision, O-Pel delivers accuracy with ease.

Giving a clear field of vision during surgery and operating virtually smoke-free and char-free, it’s an entirely new approach to laser surgery.

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Compact console, big benefits

O-Pel is the compact console revolutionising surgery.
A portable desktop console with an easy to use touch screen control panel, O-Pel delivers performance beyond its size.

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Advancing surgical outcomes

Hear from leading surgeons on how O-Pel is making a difference to surgery success. From ear, nose and throat, to urology, its unique technology is paving the way towards safer and more precise surgery.

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The O-Pel experience, first hand

PITR with the O-Pel system is a revolutionary approach to tissue removal, which utilises a completely novel MOA. The overall volume of tissue ejected during the cutting process is very small and the cuts are practically indistinguishable from a scalpel.
Michael Behhihger
Michael Benninger, MD

Head & Neck Institute
Cleveland Clinic

I see the O-Pel laser as a breakthrough, in the sense that it doesn’t work like any other laser that we use in urology and it has tissue-selective capabilities. The O-Pel system is a very small device, compared to lasers that we currently use in urology and may cost up to 10 times less.
Fernando Gómez Sancha
Fernando Gómez Sancha, MD

ICUA Clinica Cemtro
Head of Department of Urology

PITR reduces collateral damage and allows clean cutting without injury to surrounding structures. This is particularly important when working in delicate areas, such as the neck and skull. I want the O-Pel system on my surgical table, anytime that I am working around a nerve or neurovascular bundle.
Hussein Samji
Hussein Samji, MD

Camino Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic
Surgeon & Partner

Technology for better patient outcomes

O-Pel is designed to improve the lives of those it touches. Faster procedures, shorter post-op recovery and reduced patient downtime are just some of the ways O-Pel can make a difference to everyday lives.