Every Great Revolution Begins with a Change

Precise Light Surgical has revolutionized a less invasive surgical resection solution that preserves critical anatomy, reduces surgical risks and improves patient outcomes while lowering the cost of care in an office, surgery center or hospital.


High Performance Under Pressure

Lasing New Territory

Pressure Induced Light-Wave

The O-pel is an infrared resection system which utilizes properties of the targeted tissue to elicit a pressure response within the tissue itself.

A Novel Approach

Precisely Applied Pressure

O-pel superheats interstitial water at a highly controlled depth and volume to initiate an instantaneous phase change and create a high-pressure event.


Shields and Protects

Localized high-pressure shields at the microsite with unprecedented precision results in selective tissue ejection while preserving surrounding anatomy. 

Clinical Control

Tissue Selectivity

With unique tissue selectivity and sub-millimeter resection capabilities, O-pel provides immunity from thermal injury and tissue trauma typical of other resection technologies.  

A Clear Field

Highly Controlled Hemostasis

Clear and direct visualization in a virtually bloodless field ensures exactness to protect and preserve nerves and vessels while delivering a range of tissue effects, from resection to ablation.

Eliminate Limits

Anytime. Anywhere.

O-pel operates smoke-free and char-free and consists of a small, desktop console, an easy to use touch screen control panel and a disposable delivery device.


We invented an entirely new approach to tissue resection.

O-pel System

Big performance. Small system.

The O-pel (Optical Scalpel) was designed with office procedures in mind and consists of a small, portable desktop console with an easy to use, touch screen control panel and a low cost single use procedure delivery device. Operation is smoke-free and char- free. The technology has extensive patent protection and broad FDA clearances within 10 specialties and for more than 80 specific indications. It also has received the CE Mark.

Shields and Protects Tissue

Localized high-pressure device

  • Sub-millimeter resection, incision, excision, ablation and vaporization
  • Controlled hemostasis
  • Nerve and vessel preservation
  • Smoke free and char free
  • Single-use, disposable delivery device

Improved Outcomes

Eliminate limits

  • Office, Surgery or Hospital setting
  • Perform under local anesthesia
  • Faster procedure (< 20 min)
  • Shorter post-op recovery (< 5 min)
  • Less patient downtime (< 1 day)
  • Lower procedure cost (< $1,000)
  • Established reimbursement codes
Data for sinus surgery


Strategic. Technical. Ingenious. 


Discover what's possible with a new light-wave and a little pressure.
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